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If you don’t have time to search and want a working code template, then the following piece of code is for you.

Why Leveraging Oracle ADF with BPM & SOA

Oracle ADF, BPM and SOA should be used together if possible and will deliver results that can be astounding. Ask us for free consultancy on the Oracle Fusion Middleware stack at ask@dreamix.eu

Destination Bulgaria

Explore the "Outsourcing Destination Guide Bulgaria" published by the German Outsourcing Association. Interview with Dreamix`s Head of Oracle Department, Todor Gigilev.

GRACE for Oracle Forms

Same technology, different experience. Grace allows you to open multiple Oracle Forms simultaneously.

Bulgaria's plan to be a major force in technology

Today, a new breed of developers wants to prove that ambition is more important than money.

Six reasons to outsource your Oracle forms to ADF migration’s project

Check our newest presentation about Oracle Forms

Oracle Announces New Innovations in Oracle Fusion Middleware

Thomas Kurian outlined new innovations in Oracle Fusion Middleware. 

Oracle Open World

The event started yesterday

Nearshoring services update

How we carry out projects and deliver value to our partners?

Just Applied to present at the #UKOUG_tech14

Will speak about maximizing your success in Oracle Forms and Reports to ADF migration. Waiting for the judges approval now.

Live demo of FormADF app is avaiable

You can try our Oracle Forms and Reports migration tool with our Live demo. You can see our video tutorial for more information. For any questions feel free to contact us !

3 ways to succeed with your Oracle Forms to ADF migration

How to succeed with your migration

Technology tutorials

Check the newest technology tutorials

Java 8 is released

Java 8 is here and here are 5 features that will change how you code !


Come and meet Dreamix on CeBIT in Hannover !

Until 14.03.2014 Dreamix representatives will be in Hannover for CeBIT (http://www.cebit.de).


We help management consultancy companies deliver better, faster results less costly to their end customers. By collaborating with us one of our partners managed to grow its revenues by 22%, decrease costs by 28%, improve headcount agility, hedge risks and increase customer’s satisfaction ratio by 27%. All these were achieved after 18 months.


With more than 7 years of expertise and know-how in consulting and coding, Dreamix is one of the leading consultancy and outsourcing software development companies in Bulgaria.

 Our expertise and services cover :

  • Oracle Fusion Middleware stack - ADF, BPM, SOA, WebCenter
  • Software support
  • Oracle Forms migration and DB
  • Java EE - Spring, JBoss, Struts, Swing, SOAP
  • Agile management and development processes, SCRUM delivery
  • Business Intelligence: www.datakite.com


 We manage all project activities and services - development, testing, communications, management and support. If needed we work onsite!

Why us?

In Dreamix we BELIEVE that through Java & Oracle technologies we can DELIVER VALUE to YOUr company.

We are filled with expertise, know-how, love and passion for consulting and coding. In the area of project management we have adopted Agile methodology and we rely on SCRUM in the software delivery. Our QA team garanties for the best quality of our products.

Till recently we didn’t have even a single salesperson as our reputation allowed us to constantly have projects through referrals. Our team is consisted of mostly IT specialists and very few managers allowing us to be really agile. The huge knowledge of our people allows us to cover the entire vertical from consultancy (advising which software is the best) to development and implementation.

For the last 2 years the company decided to break the chains and start expanding in Europe. In this short period we managed to win clients such as Royal Bank of Scotland, BNP Paribas, Ericsson, Cosmote Group, Lombard International Assurance and VistaJet. Moreover, we developed partnerships with companies in UK, Switzerland and Germany for which we either send people on-site or again nearshore the development allowing them to accept more projects, optimize margins and improve their customers’ satisfaction rates.

Become a partner

Please contact us now if you are a management consulting company, an IT organization or a firm that wants to:

  • Boost its revenues by accepting bigger or more complicated projects that include technologies unfamiliar to you. You can either nearshore part of the process, the entire process or we can send you people onsite if you need them due to short headcount or lack of expertise.
  • Improve your margins via nearshoring to our Bulgarian office tasks that are not core or needed to be developed onsite
  • Improve your clients' satisfaction via accepting any ad-hoc request knowing that Dreamix is watching your back
  • Develop the project on time with the expected quality as our personnel have more than 10 years of expertise in many different technologies from Java EE to Oracle Fusion, SOA, ADF, WebCented to BI.
  • Hedge part of the risks with an established company with partners in Switzerland, UK and Germany


Success Stories

Our expertise, hard work and commitment can be seen here.

We have worked passionately and with love to every detail resulting in this community of delighted clients. The agile approach combined with the above technical skills allowed us to work with leading companies from Switzerland to Germany to UK to USA in industries like insurance, financials, telecommunications, aviation, governmental and healthcare.

Come join us!