Success stories:

Modulo problem in Java

While working on a project, I needed to implement a cyclic array(deque) in java. This is an array with fixed size, where you append elements, and when you fill the whole array, you start over overwriting the elements from the beginning:

Tips and Tricks for the OCA Java SE 8 Certification Exam!

You can see some tips and tricks on the OCA Java SE 8 Certification Exam.

The List for Oracle ADF resources

Dreamix always needed a list of resources that can help us do our work so I gathered such a list concerning ADF

How to make ADF custom service method run out of JTA transaction?

To make a custom method exempt from timing out, you have to mark that method to run out of the JTA transaction. 

Complete Overview of Oracle Fusion Middleware Setup

I decided to write this article, which will hopefully decrease the setup time and give you some good ideas on how to do the proper architecture.

Who are the best offshore outsource development firms?

I cannot recommend Dreamix strongly enough. Here's a recommendation I left for Stoyan Mitov, Business Development Director at Dreamix, with whom I've had the pleasure and honor of working for the past year:

The importance to know who you work with in a nearshore partnership

So during their stay at Dreamix office, Giani and Antonio worked in the same room as the rest of the team thus being able to know the people around them. Giani even made a presentation about how our development work directly impacts VistaJet’s business.

From Silicon Valley to ISIS

Our world is driven, even disrupted by technology. However, why am I not feeling better, more secure or better informed nowadays?

How Oracle ADF Checkboxes Work (af:selectBooleanCheckbox)

Here is a short example of different returned values depending the binding Items getting values calls.

Desupport of Java Applet Plugin

Is my Forms Application at risk?

BI Key Solutions

Analytics and reporting for payment solutions and mobile value added services

BI Case Study

Analytics and reporting for payment solutions and mobile value added services


Trip Report Bulgaria

Testing SOAP WebServices with RestAssured

Testing web services with no UI? Isn`t it a developers job?

First meeting of Ansible Bulgaria

Join Ansible Bulgaria very first meetup on Thursday, January 28, 2016

The HighTechDad explains

Why our kids are more technical than our parents?

Why I`m Happy to Work at Dreamix

Shared moments from the past year by our BizDev director @MitovStoyan

What the biggest tech acquisition reveals

Take a look at the bigger technology picture after the biggest tech acquisition ever - Dell is buying EMC for $67 billion!

VO over pipelined function does not display data in the iterator

Inspired by my colleague and ADF guru @Valeri Borisov. The problem was that when I try to run the Application Module this specific pipelined VO did not return any results in table view but results exist in a form view.

Oracle Forms and Reports to ADF migration for a Big Bank

Many companies have legacy Oracle Forms systems. They rely on them for all their internal processes and operations. As Oracle Forms is already 20 years old technology, most companies, like big banks want to migrate to new technologies.

SVN Best Practices

Check this Dreamix blog for best practices when you have to deal with SVN.


Focus on Europe Outsourcing Industry

No stack: a leaner tech startup approach

Tech entrepreneur @MitovStoyan welcomes us to the era of no-stack API-based startups.

How to communicate with clients

The Art of Communication In IT Projects 

Java EE tutorial

Dynamic pop-up content in ADF

Reference Bind Variable in LOV Bind Variable

ADF quick tip

Don’t specialize! Be good at many things, especially nowadays

Advice from a biz dev man: Don`t specialize! Be a learning animal!

What the biggest tech acquisition reveals

It`s a jungle out there! Four big companies dominate the field, but have Dell left it too late to join the party?

Dreamix at “40 under 40" Bulgaria 2015

#dreamixteam entered the prestigious chart for social entrepreneurs “40 under 40 Bulgaria”. 

Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition 11g

Control and Business Analysis

Bulgaria won Offshoring Destination of the Year

At the European Outsourcing Awards 2015 Bulgaria won Offshoring Destination of the Year

Dynamic pop-up content in ADF

Second dreamix blogger with post for JAXenter.com

Arduino Basics

Simple-But-Fun Project to make with Arduino

The new lean startup

No stack: a leaner tech startup approach

LOV on a primary key| Error JBO­34014

Never use a primary key as updateable column in af:table or as updateable field in af:iterator. If you have to use it then remove the primary key from the Entity/View Object or change it.

Custom Components in JSF

How to Secure a Great Reference

Read below and then ask yourself: “Am I giving more than 110% to get such a testimonial?”

Monday Java Quiz

Can you solve these questions on fundamental Java concepts?

Cascade LOVs For Required Fields

Sometimes we need to create a “cascade list of values”. This is the situation when the value of one LOV is a view criteria attribute for the next LOV. 

Top 10 Useful, Yet Paranoid Java Programming Techniques

Embrace “defensive programming”, i.e. paranoid habits that sometimes make total sense.

Configuring Google as OAuth2 authorization provider in Spring Boot

As the title of the blog describes we are going to focus on the back-end and specifically authentication and authorization of resources with OAuth2 protocol using Spring Boot

How to improve UI Design in ADF

So you have your ADF application ready, but it could use a little styling? Apart from using CSS and ADF skins on it, there are some things you can change in your very code.

URL rewriting with prettyfaces in JSF web application

Most of the modern content management systems have a feature that allows you to rename the URL of a blog post or a page. I was curious how this could be implemented in a JSF application and found out that it isn’t trivial. Luckily there is a library that makes it easier to include this feature in your application. The library name is prettyfaces and is developed by ocpsoft.

Pros and Cons|Nurturing a culture of entrepreneurship inside your company

Why is great for companies to stimulate their employees to become entrepreneurs or at least to promote entrepreneurship in the office?

Don’t Be Scared Of Functional Programming

Deep Drive into Functional Programming

ADF Business Components Performance Tuning

Application Module Tuning

Java 8 for constructing JPA criteria queries

What are your ways of accomplishing flexibility in creating JPA queries?

Silicon Valley approach on user engagement for B2C applications

Have you used these tools? Did they improve the user engagement?

How a Bulgarian dev team helped a Silicon Valley B2C startup

After we got deeply involved in the startup community in San Francisco we came back with an interesting opportunity for Dreamix dev team.

Java technology stack for Silicon Valley web apps

Have you ever used Elasticsearch as a database?

The Adventures of a Full Stack Developer

A good developer is the one familiar with the entire stack and knows how to make life easier for those around him. Let`s see if he has other cards up his sleeve.

Retiring Sequences and Database Triggers with ADF 12c


CrashCourse XML technologies


When a tough history becomes your asset

Bulgaria's plan to be a major force in technology.

BBC: Is Bulgaria Europe's Silicon Valley?

In a series looking at the challenges facing Europe, BBC News meets a Bulgarian IT entrepreneur.

Data: Best programming talent in the world

Bulgaria with the highest average reputation among top users in the Stack Overflow.


If you don’t have time to search and want a working code template, then the following piece of code is for you.

Why Leveraging Oracle ADF with BPM & SOA

Oracle ADF, BPM and SOA should be used together if possible and will deliver results that can be astounding. Ask us for free consultancy on the Oracle Fusion Middleware stack at ask@dreamix.eu

Destination Bulgaria

Explore the "Outsourcing Destination Guide Bulgaria" published by the German Outsourcing Association. Interview with Dreamix`s Head of Oracle Department, Todor Gigilev.

GRACE for Oracle Forms

Same technology, different experience. Grace allows you to open multiple Oracle Forms simultaneously.

Bulgaria's plan to be a major force in technology

Today, a new breed of developers wants to prove that ambition is more important than money.

Six reasons to outsource your Oracle forms to ADF migration’s project

Check our newest presentation about Oracle Forms

Oracle Announces New Innovations in Oracle Fusion Middleware

Thomas Kurian outlined new innovations in Oracle Fusion Middleware. 

Oracle Open World

The event started yesterday

Nearshoring services update

How we carry out projects and deliver value to our partners?

Just Applied to present at the #UKOUG_tech14

Will speak about maximizing your success in Oracle Forms and Reports to ADF migration. Waiting for the judges approval now.

Live demo of FormADF app is avaiable

You can try our Oracle Forms and Reports migration tool with our Live demo. You can see our video tutorial for more information. For any questions feel free to contact us !

3 ways to succeed with your Oracle Forms to ADF migration

How to succeed with your migration

Technology tutorials

Check the newest technology tutorials

Java 8 is released

Java 8 is here and here are 5 features that will change how you code !


Come and meet Dreamix on CeBIT in Hannover !

Until 14.03.2014 Dreamix representatives will be in Hannover for CeBIT (http://www.cebit.de).


‘We have been working with Dreamix for 6 months and their expertise in Oracle ADF and Business Intelligence has helped us evaluate our future strategy in these key areas.  Not only have we been struck by the professionalism in their service delivery and value for money but importantly to us the people we have dealt with have been a joy to do business with. This friendly and collaborative attitude combined with their expertise has broken down barriers in our own team and improved the reputation for outsourcing which was required after previous bad experiences with other suppliers. Well done Dreamix!’ George Webb, CEO, Mutual Vision Technologies Ltd


With more than 7 years of expertise and know-how in consulting and coding, Dreamix is one of the leading consultancy and outsourcing software development companies in Bulgaria. Our expertise and services cover :

  • Oracle Fusion Middleware stack - ADF, BPM, SOA, WebCenter
  • Software support
  • Oracle Forms migration and DB
  • Java EE - Spring, JBoss, Struts, Swing, SOAP
  • Agile management and development processes, SCRUM delivery
  • Business Intelligence: www.datakite.com


We provide end-to-end project delivery - requirements ellicitation, architecture and design, development, testing, management and support. Our experts are available for an on-site consultancy as well.

Why us?

In Dreamix we BELIEVE that through Java & Oracle technologies we can DELIVER VALUE to YOUr company.

We are filled with expertise, know-how, love and passion for consulting and coding. In the area of project management we have adopted Agile methodology and we rely on SCRUM in the software delivery. Our QA team garanties for the best quality of our products.

Till recently we didn’t have even a single salesperson as our reputation allowed us to constantly have projects through referrals. Our team is consisted of mostly IT specialists and very few managers allowing us to be really agile. The huge knowledge of our people allows us to cover the entire vertical from consultancy (advising which software is the best) to development and implementation.

For the last 2 years the company decided to break the chains and start expanding in Europe. In this short period we managed to win clients such as Royal Bank of Scotland, BNP Paribas, Ericsson, Cosmote Group, Lombard International Assurance and VistaJet. Moreover, we developed partnerships with companies in UK, Switzerland and Germany for which we either send people on-site or again nearshore the development allowing them to accept more projects, optimize margins and improve their customers’ satisfaction rates.

Become a partner

Please contact us now if you are a management consulting company, an IT organization or a firm that wants to:

  • Boost its revenues by accepting bigger or more complicated projects that include technologies unfamiliar to you. You can either nearshore part of the process, the entire process or we can send you people onsite if you need them due to short headcount or lack of expertise.
  • Improve your margins via nearshoring to our Bulgarian office tasks that are not core or needed to be developed onsite
  • Improve your clients' satisfaction via accepting any ad-hoc request knowing that Dreamix is watching your back
  • Develop the project on time with the expected quality as our personnel have more than 10 years of expertise in many different technologies from Java EE to Oracle Fusion, SOA, ADF, WebCented to BI.
  • Hedge part of the risks with an established company with partners in Switzerland, UK and Germany


Success Stories

Our expertise, hard work and commitment can be seen here.

We have worked passionately and with love to every detail resulting in this community of delighted clients. The agile approach combined with the above technical skills allowed us to work with leading companies from Switzerland to Germany to UK to USA in industries like insurance, financials, telecommunications, aviation, governmental and healthcare.

Come join us!